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Happy Easter!

Wise words for a healthy life-style and being productive

Get rested!!!

How many of hours of sleep did you get last week on a nightly basis?

The experts recommend 8 hours of sleep per night to be of optimum level of awareness and productivity

Get hydrated!!!

Did you drink enough last week? And I don’t mean beer or soda! Coffee doesn’t count either! Experts suggest 8 glasses of filtered or spring water per day. Water makes a body good- gives you energy and vitality. Enjoy!

Get moving!!!

Get up from your desk or your couch, yes you, I am talking to you! Move around,  stretch, how about a little dance around the house to your favorite 80’s jam? Better yet, go for a walk! Trust me, you’ll feel better, you will clear your mind and you head from mental clutter and you might even get some new creative ideas for your school projects, while you at it.

It has been said by an ancient sage, ” A peaceful mind is a creative mind”….

That’s it for today’s wise collection blog…..

Love, A.




wise owl2

I am a big fan of owls. They represent wisdom, mystery and also they are a night creature, like me. The say: “early bird or a night owl”, and I always think that I am a night owl. I love the noise they make; it sounds like they are trying to tell us something, something we will never understand, yet it is something good, something reassuring. I collect owls from all over the world. This hobby started about 3 years ago, when I saw a painting of an owl at a friend house in Manhattan, NY.  It spoke to me. And it spoke my language. Then I saw the red owl in a store and I had to have it, then I discovered the white one, exactly the same as the red, it came home with me. . Then there are three owls form Hungary and one from Check Republic, one from Dominican Republic and one from Brooklyn, NY which is actually a piggy bank or a coin box.